We believe... the possibility of a more peaceful, sustainable, compassionate and beautiful world.  A world where communities are enlivened and inspired by the arts.  A world where each individual story advances the larger human narrative and the larger human narrative lifts the lives and spirits of every human being.


Our mission is to help build a more peaceful, sustainable and beautiful world by empowering individuals, organizations and communities to use the arts for social impact.


To meet the challenges of an increasingly uncertain, volatile, and complex world, people and institutions need to be inventive, creative, resourceful, and resilient. We believe that the arts can be a singularly effective force for building those capacities to achieve positive change through measurable and sustainable outcomes.


TGIAL is an entrepreneurial organization that fosters the full scope of artistic practice and thinking as a vibrant, animating framework for positive change. Its primary purpose stands on a whole-hearted commitment to making the arts a critical asset for the betterment of humanity. In line with that world view, the organization holds the following as guiding principles:

  • Forward-thinking objectives that place a priority on community needs, social issues and long-term benefits.

  • Socially just practices and programs.

  • Environmentally aware operation.

  • Respect for the cultural, economic, and social value that artists bring to the world.

  • Judicious financial management.

  • Fiscal transparency.

  • Inclusiveness for all ethnicities, nationalities, generations, faiths, sexual orientations, genders, and political affiliations.

  • Collaboration with all organizations, institutions, and individuals holding complementary goals and interests.