few places are as vibrant as Atlanta…

With such a diverse cultural scene it’s not surprising that the city and its region are cultivating some unique and colorful renditions of the Vital New Voices® concept.


Our Lady of Mercy High School

In keeping with its well-articulated focus on diversity and inclusion, Our Lady of Mercy is bringing the magic of dance to its students and community…using the Vital New Voices® platform. This program will also integrate visual arts for staging performances.

To help students fully appreciate dance as an artform – and to encourage them to expand their artistic vision – the program will take them on field trips to attend an Alvin Ailey production and to tour the Atlanta Ballet’s studio. This is just a start, of course; other field trips will give them opportunities to interact with and learn from the many dance professionals in the metro Atlanta region. Moreover, two professional dancers have already committed to work with the students as they spread their wings.

We see a bright…and very intriguing…future for this Vital New Voices® program.


Holcomb Bridge Middle School

Is graffiti an art form? Students and teachers at Holcomb Bridge Middle School certainly think so…and they are out to show just how cool and socially relevant such art can be. Vital New Voices® is the framework for their efforts.

The Holcomb Bridge building now features an entire external wall for this energetic form of visual expression. Students are using the brick & mortar “canvas” to develop their ideas, refine their technique, and experiment with stylistic approaches. Some are extending the concepts to sidewalk drawing as well. All agree that the early results comprise art with genuine urban heart.

Altanta’s renowned High Museum is helping out by coordinating the program with the region’s artistic community.

With the artist mentorship and social theme guidance from teachers, the entire Holcomb Bridge community anticipates some rich and meaningful visual messages to grace the school grounds and facilities over the coming months and years.