Hands Across the Globe (HxG)

A world where each individual story advances the larger human narrative

and the larger human narrative lifts the lives and spirits of every human being.

./   Hands Across the Globe (HxG)   \.


HxG is a digital platform deploying the arts and collaboration to make meaningful social change. We're building a global network of artists, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, consultants, scientists who are rethinking the way collaboration stimulates innovative outcomes for change. Phase one launches in May. Here's some inspiration:

HxG combines technology's reach and the power of art making to leverage local ingenuity and bring worldwide resources to local initiatives. Our hands are building on:

+ The Arts as Catalysts for social change

+ Mapping and Data Gathering as a source of learning

+ Public and Private Entrepreneurs as agents of change

+ A virtual platform as an Innovation Lab.

Our Partner

We work with leaders to design futures worth fighting for.

People want to be part of something that makes a difference. Thriving organizations, ones that stand out in the marketplace, understand the meaning of their work and can communicate its value clearly for others.