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Recent research through the Art of Science Learning funded by a multi-million dollar National Science Foundation grant has demonstrated the dramatically positive impact arts based learning has on creative thinking skills, collaborative behaviors and the outcomes of innovation teams. We now have the science behind the passion and we believe the timing is right to leverage both to develop leaders prepared to take on the challenges of our new century. 

The Art of Science Learning is a National Science Foundation-funded initiative that uses the arts to spark creativity in science education and the development of an innovative 21st Century STEM workforce.

The initiative is built on more than 15 years of work by Harvey Seifter and colleagues, exploring the impact of artistic skills, processes and experiences on learning and the innovation process, and developing a comprehensive arts-based innovation process curriculum, elements of which we integrate into our work, and which are pictured on this website.


What's being said...

We started our journey a year ago with The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership with a singular focus—to develop our innovation muscles. We began seeing the benefits immediately as our creative discipline work pushed individuals, our senior team and our larger organizational culture to think about, view and act upon our work and business differently. Much to their credit TGIAL brought in external assessment teams to measure the impact of their work. We are seeing demonstrable and powerful growth in a range of outcomes including divergent/convergent thinking, innovation, problem solving and discipline. Something wonderful is happening here!
— CEO, Major Financial Services Corp.
Forced us to engage in new ways of observing, thinking and acting. The most “new” learning of anything I’ve experienced at
Sloan so far.
— MIT Sloan MBA Candidate
...helped me unlock my personal creativity and “see” things with fresh eyes.
— CEO, Software Development Company
It brought to light the habits and assumptions we bring into work each day that may be getting in the way of true success. I was impressed with the facilitators’ attention to detail in planning and their ability to adjust as the Studio unfolded to ensure the experience produced maximum benefits to both individual participants and the business.
— VP & GM
I have learned powerful insights about myself which have helped me be more effective. I have learned new things about my environment and relationships which have helped me make smarter long-term decisions.
— Exec. VP & CMO
Best class. Super practical. A new way of thinking that helps the other courses. I loved the instructors. All SIP courses should be
similar to them.
— MIT Sloan MBA Candidate
...challenged me to develop a whole new dimension of creativity.
— CEO, Bank MidAtlantic States
It has been a real pleasure working with The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership (TGIAL) team to develop our innovation skills related to our Digital/Millennial focus. As the senior leader of our digital technology group, I believe it is absolutely essential in today’s fast changing digital world to develop the creative discipline to continuously understand our customers and to find fresh solutions through the lens of the digital customer experience. Through the highly original and inspirational assistance of TGIAL, we are now bringing forth the solutions needed for business success.
— VP, Digital Technology Group


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