Our Children’s Voices

Providing children the opportunity to express their hopes and dreams for the future using the arts inspiring citizen engagement and change.


Our country and the broader world are experiencing dramatic changes and in some cases traumatic upheavals.  Children’s anxieties about the future reflect the stress of these changes.  The irony is that our children make up the one segment of our population which has the least voice on how their future will be shaped.  And they will experience the most long lasting effect of those changes.    

Guiding Philosophy

  • Children possess wisdom and insight unencumbered by the biases of adulthood 
  • We all have a stake in our children’s future
  • Adults stand to benefit from listening to the voices of children 
  • Every child is a creative being
  • The arts are the best media for accessing and expressing our children’s wisdom 
  • Making art enhances self expression, problem solving, personal agency, collaboration and cooperation, resilience, empathy, self esteem, optimism 
  • Children making art to express their hopes and aspirations for the future can be a powerful agent for positive change
Child composer