Hands Across the Globe (HxG)

Hands Across the Globe

A world where each individual story advances the larger human narrative

and the larger human narrative lifts the lives and spirits of every human being.



HxG is a digital platform combining the arts, technology and collaboration to make meaningful social change.

We're building a global network of artists, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, consultants, scientists who are rethinking the way social collaboration stimulates innovative outcomes for positive change.



HxG combines technology's reach and the power of art making to leverage local ingenuity and bring worldwide resources to local initiatives.

Our hands are building on:

+ The Arts as Catalysts for social change

+ Mapping and Data Gathering as a source of learning

+ Public and Private Entrepreneurs as agents of change

+ A virtual platform as an Innovation Lab.


Phase one launches in July.

Here's some existing projects from around the globe that inspire HxG: