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Evaluation is one of the five core principles of TGIAL’s Vital New Voices® program – the other three being youth engagement, inclusion of all artistic genres, collaboration with other organizations, and social impact. The evaluation process aims to get a definitive sense of how the program realizes the other principles.

Student Comments

For the 2018 pilot program in New Haven, Connecticut, TGIAL worked with its local partner Artspace New Haven to evaluate the initial impacts on participating youth through formal questionnaires using a six-point numerical rating system and thematically focused commentary. The program partners also issued a web-based questionnaire for the summit event audience and members of the community to gauge overall engagement.

Based on that evaluation TGIAL has found the following:

The most positive results of the program were in students’ newfound ambitions to achieve genuine social impact:

  1. Every participant – 100% of the respondents – declared that they had significantly greater concerns over community problems because of the program.

  2. Accordingly, 93% of the respondents ranked their enthusiasm to solve community problems as “high” or “very high” due to their experience in the program.

  3. In the same light, 93% of the respondents rated their interest in working with other young people to achieve social impact to be “high” or “very high” by their participation.

  4. The program generated “high” or “extremely high” interest in taking on community challenges for 87% of the group.

  5. The program energized 87% of the group who ranked their confidence in making a difference for the community to be “high” or “extremely high” because of their participation.


The program has energized students to pursue creative paths for social impact…and grow their artistic skills

  1. Through their experience in the program, 87% of respondents came to rank their belief in the power of the arts to make change as “extremely high.”

  2. Across 80% of the responding cohort, the program led students to rate their creative capacities “highly” or “very highly” in…

    …Their enthusiasm to continue to grow creatively. 

    …Their ability to work creatively with others.

    …Their ability to generate creative ideas.

    …Their interest in exploring different artforms.

Students gained insight on leadership skills…and their potential to lead.

  1. A significant majority of students -- 86%-- ranked their enthusiasm to develop leadership skills for social change as“very high” or “high” because of their participation.

  2. Out of the cohort, 80% rated their communications skills as “high” or “extremely high” because of the program.

  3. Personal persuasiveness made similar gains as noted by the 73% of respondents who ranked their expressive abilities to be “extremely high” or “high” because of the program.

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I learned how to voice my opinions/ideas and not be afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone.”

”I was really inspired to continue drawing and share positively.”

”Though I am still self-conscious about my art, I did gain confidence from this program. I want to go deeper into studying the social impact of art.”

“I am much more appreciative of the true uniqueness of my community and the people in it. I am more aware of the great work being done (in the community.) I also feel better about working to make my own changes to it.”

“I’ve gotten much more interested in trying new types of art. I’ve learned that I am versatile as an artist.”

“I see my community as a place I have the power to change through activism.”

“I made new friends and came to realize that my causes are about bullying, animals, nature, and the environment. It’s helped me to fulfill my passions as an artist and express myself artistically.”

“It surprised me to learn about so many ways to make art.”

“Art seems even cooler than I thought it was.”

“I was surprised that so many artists and community leaders work in New Haven.”

“The program showed me that its OK to be vulnerable about your art and writing, and to just put yourself out there.”

“I see myself being more open and confident not only in my work but as a person.”

“Everyone was so caring and welcoming. It was a great way to express myself.