TGIAL leaders have run a multi-billion dollar investment company, led global strategy for multi-national enterprises, built top sales and marketing organizations, and scaled major not for profit organizations.  We have consulted to major brands worldwide.

Many of us are also nationally collected artists and have directly experienced the powerful parallels between the creative process of the arts and the creative process of building a business or enterprise.  We have rolled up our sleeves and gotten our hands dirty in both building businesses and creating art.

We came together because we wanted to make our experience and capabilities available to other leaders who wish to build vibrant, engaging and impactful organizations that make a positive difference in the world.

TGIAL is uniquely qualified to work with senior leaders to customize approaches using arts-based experiences to address these three critical questions:

  1. How do we create a future that truly matters while winning in the present? 

  2. How do we develop the skills our organization needs in these times of radical disruption and accelerated change?

  3. How do we create a values based culture of meaning, innovation and high performance?

It has been a real pleasure working with The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership (TGIAL) team to develop our innovation skills related to our Digital/Millennial focus. Through the highly original and inspirational assistance of TGIAL, we are now bringing forth the solutions needed for business success.
— VP, Digital Technology Group

We offer new ways of approaching leadership—and achieving tangible results.


Helped a $100 million startup earn recognition as "100 Best Companies to Work for”, increase senior leaderships team’s competencies and realize a turnaround in revenue growth.


Partnered with a Fortune 100 Financial Services Enterprise to produce rapid ramp up in staffing, customer acquisition and revenue growth.


Worked with MIT Sloan School of Management to design and deliver a series of MIT MBA and Advanced Fellows art-based leadership program; now the highest rated program for Sloan Innovation Period.


Created a top-rated training program for a DOW 30 Industrial Company; training program featured in 2016 Innovative Industry Leadership Summit.

[Working with TGIAL] brought to light the habits and assumptions we bring into work each day that may be getting in the way of true success. I was impressed with the facilitators’ attention to detail in planning and their ability to adjust as the Studio unfolded to ensure the experience produced maximum benefits to both individual participants and the business.
— VP & GM